Hong Kong Fashion: What Bri Mott Wore

What Bri Mott Wore…

Longines Hong Kong International Races

This is what the whole week led up to and I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and head to Sha Tin racecourse.

I spoiled myself with a phenomenal hair and make up job by Vicky Lai at the Makeup Parlor. She came to my hotel and did me up! It was one of the best H&M jobs I’ve ever had…she worked with such precision and detail. My eyebrows were like a masterpiece…seriously.

What Bri Mott Wore

For the main part of my raceday wear I worked with talented Hong Kong designer, Sarah Lai, and grabbed one of her most popular pieces.  The Lilian Dress had the A-line shape and midi length (my favorite!) that is perfect for the races. It is made with a heavier fabric which kept me warm when the night turned a bit chilly. My favorite part about it? The Twirl of course!

I sent a photo of the dress to milliner Karen Morris, a Hong Kong native now living in the US who then designed a piece to match. As always, her hats are so easy to wear and absolutely stunning. She designed two for the race and I chose the disc shape one to wear. Both are for sale here.

Bri Mott Fashion at the Races

I knew it was going to be a long long day on my feet so I decided to stick with my trusty Valentino’s. I of course added some Dr. Scholl’s inserts…any smart gal would.

Fiona Kutor Hong Kong

Lastly one of the coolest clutches I’ve ever worn was this Lady Luck bag designed by Fiona Kutor. It lights up when it senses
movement…yes this is like the light up sneakers you used to wear as a kid…but couture!!IMG_7956

Have to tell you a funny story though…I am standing there waiting for the fashion competition to start and all of a sudden Simon Baker is next to me (we met at the Kentucky Oaks a few years prior) and he goes…”is that working for you??” I of course thought he was talking about the lights….but no, he wants talking about the “Luck” in Lady Luck. And voila! I looked silly… 😉

Bri Mott & Simon Baker

It was a day to remember for the rest of my life. It is not often I get invited to a big international event…but to fly across the world and attend a week of racing festivities?! This was an amazing trip and well worth it! Be sure to put the Hong Kong International Races on your travel roster next year…hopefully see you there!!

…Hopefully you will do better than I do with the bets…I did win but not enough to brag about…or buy a glass of wine! 😉

Bri Mott Kutor at Hong Kong

Longines Gala

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

What a night! I felt like  Cinderella at a ball in a dress and skirt combo by Melissa Bui. Unfortunately the pictures do not do the gown justice as there was intricate beading throughout the skirt. I was actually wearing a black gown and then stepped into a sheer and beaded skirt that went over the dress.  Melissa Bui’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, ‘Iridescent Nights,’ is an all black collection inspired by the Hong Kong night skyline and the multifaceted ‘Sunshine Azura’ quartz.  Felt like a princess! Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

I kept my jewelry very simple with stud earrings and the Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. I brought the timeless pearl clutch to hold my phone, cards, and lip gloss. I snapped a few photos on the way in and with our group that attended that evening. Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

The event was absolutely amazing. They had a jazz band that I wanted to pack up in my suitcase and bring home with me. Graphics of horses running as if they were galloping through the stars surrounded you with gorgeous Longines Watches displayed everywhere. After a bit of mingling, the large doors opened up welcoming you to sit down at your table and enjoy a 5-course delicious meal. Entertainment took the main stage with Chinese female drummers being my favorite. The award for the Longines World’s Best Jockey followed which was given to England’s Frankie Dettori (who was in an amazing suit!). Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Although there wasn’t any dancing or carriage rides, this princess was able to go home and rest her feet before the big weekend of racing. Luckily, I did not turn into a pumpkin either!

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Happy Valley Races

This outfit was a bit of a last minute collaboration as I planned on wearing a dress and fascinator but instead the weather IMG_7567turned and all I wanted was a sweater and Uggs outfit…yes, I wear Uggs. Luckily I had been at the amazing Atelier of Melissa Bui, a designer in Hong Kong as I was being fitted for my Gala gown. I asked if she might have anything that I could borrow for the races that evening and she suggested a black coat which was dressy enough to act as a “dress” in a way.

I paired the coat with a pair of leggings from Jessica Simpson’s fashion empire, my Steve Madden lace up sandals, and a pearl clutch to dress it up a bit more.

I tried a new lip color from Chanel- giving the outfit a pop outside the safety of the black and white. I stayed warm, fashionable, and comfortable during the rainy race night.


I love the detail of the coat with an almost sheer pattern and the collar and belt cut to match the pattern on the fabric. It is a pleasant surprise when you turn to the back of the coat. To see this coat and others by the talented Melissa Bui, click here. Prices are in the Hong Kong dollar, divide by 7.75 to convert to US$.


Hong Kong: Jockey Mingle at Happy Valley Racecourse

Our first event on the agenda was the Longines Jockey Championships press conference at the inner city Happy Valley Racecourse. There the 12 Jockeys competing for the title were introduced along with the country they represent. Pictures, interviews, and of course a cocktail party was in order. Names that you may recognize include Victor Espinoza (American Pharoahs & California Chromes jockey), Ryan Moore (one of the top jockeys in England), and Hugh Bowman (New Zealand native but top rider in Australia).

Ryan Moore & Bri Mott
Ryan Moore & Bri Mott

After the jockey party, we were taken on a tour of the track and its facilities. Might sound boring but it was far from it. I have NEVER seen an establishment like Happy Valley Racecourse. Fifteen years ago the track found a plunge in their profit margin, less people attending races, and far less betting on them. They realized they had to do something and something big…the did almost $5 billion HK dollars of renovations…and the result is absolutely stunning. See for yourself. 

What Bri Mott Wore

Dress for the event tonight was listed as ‘smart casual.’ I wore an over-zealous peplum top by Sarah Lai and paired with black boyfriend fitting black bottoms. I actually did not have skinny black pants as I planned on so I placed a short sleeve black jumpsuit from Target underneath.  As I hardly own any flats that have a dressy flair, the Valentino’s made their mark here in Hong Kong. Of course as we got ready to take our tour, the guide asked how high my heels were as if to express his worry of my likeliness to keep up…obviously he doesn’t know me 😉

What Bri Mott Wore

One of my important accessories throughout this trip is my Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. Of course many have phones now to check the time and don’t rely on the wrist watch anymore but once you do have one, it becomes a wonderful crutch to lean on. We have such a busy schedule this week and having my Longines watch to keep my on schedule (yes I’ll still be a few minutes late I’m sure) is a lifesaver.

I love this little River Island clutch purchased from Asos.com. It is such a pale pink that it can be paired with so many different outfits whether you want it to act as a nude or a pink. In this case- it was a little bit of both!

The Sarah Lai top will give you a teaser of my outfit for Sunday at Sha Tin racecourse. For the Longines Hong Kong International Races, I will be sporting one of her most popular dresses and cannot wait. There will be a twirl or two on Instagram. Stay tuned! <3