Why Breeders Cup is the Best End of Year Fashion Event

I was recently asked to be on the Nominations Committee for the first Fan Choice Awards put on by America’s Best Racing. 

Some of the categories got me thinking and of course my mind went to Fashion at the Races and which fashion events are the best. Tough to choose one over another as each one offers something unique for that time of the year and the venue its held at but with the upcoming Breeders Cup Championships …. can’t help but shed some light on the two day fashion show coming up in a month. 

For two days, racegoers from all over the world travel to Santa Anita Race track in Arcadia, California to see some of the best horses in the world compete for a Championship title. 

My first ever Breeders Cup was held at Churchill Downs in 2009 ( I wore jeans….shocking I know!) and hung out in a box with 5 of my college friends. We booked a room in Indiana and shared two double beds and a cot between the 6 of us after packing in a small Saturn car for 7 hours. Definitely not the ‘classiest’ of Breeders Cup’s for me, but I can say it ranks as one of the most fun for sure. 

My second Breeders Cup was at Santa Anita in 2012, the year I started Fashion at the Races. The Breeders Cup Championships held at Santa Anita provide one of the best racing experiences in North America. The track just ‘fits’ perfectly for the two-day event bringing in people and horses from all over the world. …Probably why it is held there so often. 

From the Champagne Room to the Turf Terrace and the box seats and paddock views, this track is a stunning place to bring in the best of the best, both in fashion and on the track. Still need tickets? See whats available here.. 

Some of the best fashion events, in my opinion, throughout the year include the Kentucky Oaks and Derby, Arlington Million, the Woodbine’s Queen’s Plate, Fairgrounds Louisiana Derby, and Del Mar Opening Day. From attending these events throughout the year, I’ve met so many wonderful ladies that have some of these as their home tracks but all meet again at the Breeders Cup Championships. 

I’ve always said that the Fashion at the Races contests are more then just a fashion competition. It really provides an uplifting feeling for ladies that put together an outfit they love and built up the confidence to get in front of a large crowd and smile while showing it off their racewear.  I’ve met so many wonderful ladies while waiting in line and of course after keeping in touch over social media, we look forward to meeting again and again at each event and then finishing the year off at the Breeders Cup Championships! 

The bar seems to raise itself for the last ‘big’ event of the year and the ladies and gents do not disappoint. Stakes are high on track and off and the fashion worn to the Breeders Cup is always some of the best of the year. 

We are a month out which means you need to start planning your outfits! Arcadia, CA brings in perfect weather for the event, usually 70’s-80’s during the day with a cool breeze cooling the night off for your evening events. With a forecast like that, the skies the limit on your fashion choices! 

Here are some amazing dresses to pick from available now:



If you have been a follower of Fashion at the Races for a bit, you’ll remember that I am not a big ‘pusher’ of the big crazy hats. For one, I don’t think they look the best and take away from your beautiful face and the rest of the outfit. I also highly doubt they feel great too- to wear one for 8 hours can get heavy and itchy and overall just annoying (to you and probably the people around you). I do love to see structured unique pieces that fit you, your personality, and supplement the rest of your outfit without taking anything away from it. 

I’m including pictures from my outfits I’ve worn to the past Breeders Cups to show some of the beautiful pieces I’ve chosen. Most of these retailed in the $200-300 range with a couple splurges but just know you do not have to pay $700 for a beautiful hat but a beautiful hat is worth the money! 


Any questions or if you need personal advice- hit me up! Briana@fashionattheraces.com 

Can’t wait to see everyone out there!