Kentucky Oaks 2018

Outfit Details: : Marchessa Notte Dress Karen Morris Millinery | Jessica Simpson Heels (similar style) |  Longines Watch

 I always look forward to the Kentucky Oaks because it pushes me to dress in the popular (and very feminine) color of pink. Any of my closest friends would tell you that I have a ‘color phobia’ where I’m much happier to be surrounded in neutrals: white, black, nude etc. I only have one room in my house that has an actual color and I wish I had painted it white….

However, when it comes to Fashion at the Races, I have to represent some fun fashions and push myself to wear new and interesting styles. The Kentucky Oaks gives me the ‘pink guideline’ which is always fun to take and spin to my own personal style. If you have followed my outfits for the past few years, I don’t think I have worn any sort of black in my outfit either at the Derby or the Oaks. I like to keep both of those races very bright, fun, and feminine.

So when I was selecting a Kentucky Oaks outfit, I was looking for something bright and bold. I kept looking for a bright fuschia colored dress and couldn’t find what I was looking for… isn’t that typical? Whenever you are looking for a specific color it is nowhere to be found.

So instead I came across this amazing Marchesa Notte dress from Rent the Runway and thought it would be a perfect piece for the Kentucky Oaks. With its many shades of pink and red (pinkish red) accents, I thought I could have some fun getting a hat designed to match.

Have you ever ordered from Rent the Runway?? Here is my advice:

  1. Get your dress/clothing EARLY. I have cut it close before and the outfit either didn’t come or my hotel actually lost it and I legitimately had no back up. I got mine on Wednesday and sent it back (literally on the way to the Kentucky Derby) the day after my ‘event.’ I’d rather have it ahead of time so that if something doesn’t work, I have time to correct the situation.
  2. Read the reviews and look at the photos on a non-photoshopped model. You can get a gauge on how it will fit you and what size(s) you should get. I originally ordered a 4 and a 6 in this and then changed it to a 2 and a 4….the 2 fit better!
  3. Have a back up. Know that ‘renting’ is a bit of a risk. They payout is great – you can wear a gorgeous $800 dress for $100 but when matching it to a hat and only getting it a couple days prior, a lot can go wrong. Just be prepared and relax! It will all work out. Be smart and particular with your choices.I found these Bauble Bar earrings (less than $30!) at a cute little gift store in Lexington, KY and grabbed them with the hopes that they would match my outfit. A small miracle- they matched PERFECT. The tassel earrings are very trendy right now and I loved how I could rock these as an accent to my millinery and detailed dress. If you haven’t already- grab a pair of statement earrings. You’ll have a blast wearing them out for the first time and then will get hooked on the trend (trust me).

For the past 4 years I have had the fabulous Karen Morris design my Kentucky Oaks piece and this year might be the best one yet. I sent her a picture of my dress and referenced one of her designs for her Spring Collection and asked her to ‘modify’ the original design to incorporate the colors that I was wearing. She did that and them some! I am loving the ‘percher’ look more and more. Percher: fascinator that ‘perches’ on your head usually with a structured headband. Interested in purchasing this piece? Shoot me a message: <3 See more of Karen Morris’s fabulous pieces here.