Preakness Fashion: Bold as Triple Crown Trends Predicted!

Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day   What a fantastic weekend at Pimlico Race Course! Friday started it all off with the Black Eyed Susan People’s Pink Party, bringing us strong females and fabulous fashion together for a great cause. Saturday of course had us moving on to the ‘all to well’ known Preakness Stakes, which may still have a slightly tainted image with its old infield traditions, but that has definitely changed and has moved in a positive direction with its corporate village, and fashion savvy fans! Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day Many of the fabulous ladies listened and mimicked the Triple Crown Trend of bold patterns, colors, and prints on this fun filled day. Even with the rain, which seemed to mimic the Kentucky Derby weather a bit, fabulous ladies and gents still smiled and looked their best on the great race day. A full race card of 13 races had Black Eyed Susans flowing, crab cakes a plenty, and bets being passed through the windows faster than Usain Bolt. Although the grandstand seemed a bit empty on Black Eyed Susan Day, the track wasn’t without a crowd. The crowd just found the better spot of inside the infield in the specialty People’s Pink Party Tent. The Grey Goose Lounge in the center with white leather couches, blue logo pillows, and fabulous vodka cocktails was surrounded by pink clothed tables with themed pink cupcakes and cookies for the Breast Cancer Survivor inspired day. The fashion showcased the Black Eyed Susan inspired colors of black and yellow always with an accent of pink. From hats to fascinators, the racegoers stepped up their fashion (which was SO nice to see) and enjoyed the nice sunny day close to the rail during the races, and inside the nicely shaded tent in between. IMG_6240Lots of colors and prints showed up for the second leg of the Triple Crown. There was noticeably more hats around the track Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Daycompared to last year, floppy still seeming to dominate (yuck!… but at least there’s a hat!).  Well known Christine Moore pitched her tent within the amazing corporate village which woke up the millinery interest in many a racing fan and had them trying on the big hats for fun! Next year we hope to see more constructed pieces that exemplify the couture art that they truly are. Most of the fashion on the day was seen across the track in the corporate village but the grandstand did not disappoint! Although the Preakness may not be known for its high fashion, racegoers stepped up their game this year and there was an increase in hats, fascinators, and overall a better effort put into individuals outfits! Sun dresses were the frequent pick for race wear, which went from strapless early on in the day, to rain gear and ponchos as the weather quickly went downhill as the races ran on. Preakness and Black Eyed Susan DayLots of prints, colors, and mixes of the two were seen. The Longines Most Elegant Lady competition seemed to play it on the safer side shying away from the ‘funner’ side of fashion, but nonetheless the wonderful and beautiful Holly Huff was chosen as the Most Elegant Lady which was very much deserved. To be Elegant is not just about the fashion but also about the confidence and poise and she most certainly exceeded in both categories. Oh and she is just a wonderful person to boot! Congrats to Holly! (Full interview and details coming soon). Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day As we all recoup and regroup after the fun filled weekend, we must begin planning our Black and White outfit for the third and last leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes right outside of the most amazing city in the world, (risky statement, right?) New York City! Bummer there will be no Triple Crown Star this year, but nonetheless there is a race to be run…and fabulous fashion to be worn! Besides, why should the horses get all the attention??


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