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Longines Kentucky Oaks

I now look at each raceday as a new challenge to “up my game” from last years outfit. Well…that is the good part…the bad part is I haven’t improved my my tendency to procrastinate and really didn’t start on this ‘challenge’ until the week of the race. Luck was on my side on this one however…

As I scanned the web for the perfect oaks dress, I kept the checklist in the back of my head:

  1. Needs to have pink
  2. Needs to be something different and stand out
  3. Still want the Midi-length
  4. Oh- I need a hat to match

I am unsure how I even came across the dress that I chose but Thank Goodness I did! Taking a look on ShopBop which is a great site for designer or designer-like fashion, I came across the brand Keep Sake which (fancy that) is an Australian brand. The strapless ‘camouflage’ dress stuck out because of its print and structured fit. It was simple, elegant, yet standout and different. BINGO!

Bri Mott Longines Kentucky Oaks (2) (663x1024)

I purchased the dress in a small and of course when it came, the zip up was NOT going to happen. Too much pizza and burgers lately.

So I head back on the site and of course there is only a Large available on Zappos. I purchase that and choose 2-day shipping. The next day, I go to show my co-workers and I find a Medium! Cue the overnight shipping on my third dress.

Large was too big. Small was too small. Medium was just right. (3 little piggies style). By the way, it is now Tuesday before the Oaks.

Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races
Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races


I contacted Karen Morris to commission her to create a beautiful piece that would match the dress. I sent her the photo, she texted a few options, and once we agreed on some color choices she went on her creative journey to design the perfect piece.

Bri Mott Longines Kentucky Oaks (3) (1024x683)

I tend to keep my accessories very simple but knew I needed something around my neck to balance the bare skin and strapless dress. I headed to my go-to and chose a rose colored tiered necklace that brought out both colors in the dress as well as accented it with a faux pearl piece. My two-toned Longines Conquest Classic watch matched perfectly, as always, and kept me on time to each one of my engagements on the day.

Bri Mott Longines Kentucky Oaks (5) (1024x676)

I chose a furry pink River Island Clutch to give the outfit just a tiny more pizzazz. The clutch had a gold medal strap that allowed me to get my cocktails and bets with free hands.

Bri Mott Longines Kentucky Oaks (1) (683x1024)

Lastly the shoes, as many of you know by following me on Instagram, I went against my cardinal rule and purchased a pair the week of. I didn’t have a pale pink pair of shoes and of course not a mustard pair. Jessica Simpson provided the perfect pale pink pumps that actually kept my feet pretty safe all day! I prepared for the worst by applying Liquid Band-aid on my pinky toes and heels to give them extra protection from rubbing. I not only came out with no blisters, but wore the same pair of shoes to the Vanity Party that night. 12 hours in those heels….this might deserve a participation trophy at least!


Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races
Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races
Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races
Kentucky Oaks Fashion at the Races

Shop the outfit here and if you would like the hat to match- shoot me an email: One of a Kind and ready to ship!


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