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This Saturday, June 15th, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY has teamed up with Stella Artois and Finlandia Vodka for a special Downs After Dark Party! Realizing that high fashion is fantastic thing to encourage for the races, they have created this fantastic night of racing into a WHITE PARTY! “This “Downs After Dark” event marks the return for our third annual “White Party!” We are encouraging all of our guests to ‘dress to impress’ in their best summer whites!”   white     White parties are a fantastic way to get people together for a few reasons: 1. Encourages effort in your guests dress (which is always a plus) 2. You have an easy theme that looks good in any venue 3. People are less likely to get sloppy…because they are wearing white! (well most) 4. There’s just something classy about it!   white party 3Although some may think that white is boring and therefore all white is just a snooze…they couldn’t be so wrong! Its actually not so easy to put an all white outfit together. Its not just a white dress and then your finished, you want to show that the effort is really there! First of all, millinery is always important. Incorporating a white piece with your already white racing outfit will have heads turning all down the halls. Since you are in a bit of a time crunch and may not be able to find a great white millinery piece,  feel free to get creative with it! Find a fantastic headband and add some white feathers, or a bow etc. Don’t show up to this classy night without something on that head of yours! Add accessories to take your outfit to the next level: white lace or leather gloves, white jewelry, white shoes etc. This is not a normal raceday  so feel free to take risks with your outfits! This does not mean short skirts and nightclub wear! But Maxi dresses, sheer, lace etc! white party 5 In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Always dress like you will see your worst enemy,” and if that person is looking fantastic in white…so should you! For more information visit the  Churchill Downs Website. white party

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