What We’re Trying to Do Here…

Last week, I received a fantastic phone call from a wonderful woman in California. She told me she was a fashion designer but now, after following FATR and seeing all the beautiful hats worn to the races, she is beginning to explore the world of Millinery.

She complimented FATR on what we do, what we are trying to do, and my role in the entire ‘picture.’

It motivated me to not only (hopefully) enlighten you but also, enlighten myself on what I am trying to do here.

Fashion at the Races was started 5 years ago. I was excited and eager to start something after traveling across the pond, finishing college and applying to jobs, seeing what I didn’t want to do in life but still having no grasp on what I do what to do. I traveled to New Zealand and Australia and witnessed how racing there included an additional marketing tactic….fashion.

When I returned to the US, I attended a Marketing Seminar with my beautiful and wonderful Mother, and on day 2, I drew the logo that is now the ‘red lady’ in FATR.

Voila! Something beautiful was born….but what exactly was it?

I think rather than explaining to you a concrete business plan that is FATR- I’ll explain what we try to do everyday.

I try to promote a sport that I love and some fabulous fashion that is showcased at the events. In doing so, I promote the art of millinery and the ladies a gentlemen with sore hands and pricked fingers from endless hand-sewing, behind that art.

I try to bring back and elevate the elegance and class that has been shown in the past at the racetrack.

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

And I try and spread the word. The races, the horses, the dresses and shoes, the fabulous hats and fascinators, and the wonderful people that are involved in each and every part of those categories.

Yes, as a girl boss or an inspiring one I am trying to build an empire in some way or another. I have a full time job in horse racing that I absolutely love. I am the Director of Customer Relations for one of the top Racing Syndicates: Team Valor International. I am blessed to do what I do, every day.

I work that job and then I show case Fashion at the Races. I love the horse racing. I love getting dressed up. I love the girlfriends and guy friends that I have met along the way. Christine Lund who now works at Dillards in Louisville, KY. Leckie Roberts, my birthday twin in NYC the fabulous face behind West Village Wasp. Stephen Garcia, an amazing clothier from Tom James Clothing in Chicago, IL. All of my fabulous, talented, beautiful, wonderful and just amazing milliners from all over the globe. The fabulous men and women behind the lenses that take all of our beautiful photos. 

This website, this blog, this business, this hobby, this brand, WHATEVER I should call it, has been such a blessing that I didn’t truly realize until the end of this year.

THANK YOU to all of our followers and to all of my new friends and old. Thank you to my family that has supported me through a ride they never truly understood (horseracing or fashion!). Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend who without complaint (ok well sometimes he complains) helps pack gift bags, or passes out paddles, or drives through the night 10 hours on a Sunday so we can both get back to work on Monday.  

If you choose to advertise with us, your payment is supporting the website (yes these things cost money) and the work and effort it takes to keep the initiative going. Thank you for your continued support. 

I truly look forward to a fun and exciting 2018 with more events, more posts, more fun, more friends, and memories.

Follow along while I still figure out, What I am trying to do, but for now, this is more than good enough for me and for my goals- promote horse racing, fashion, and the wonderful people that surround it.

Xoxo, B


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