Steve Madden Wedges


Once the flowers begin to bloom, us girls know it’s time to put away our boots and bring out the pumps, peeps and wedges! If it isn’t already known……My name is B…and I am a shoe fiend….as every girl should be! Boots, pumps, peeps, wedges, whatever it may be I want it and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it! God bless those student loans…they are the only thing that keeps me in check!

Back to wedges though! They are the shoe choice of spring and the “go-to” for summer. Wedges most of the time are found to be more comfortable than the regular heel type. I have a pair of Michael Kors sandal wedges that I bought at full price, which was wayyyy over even my imaginary budget.  So of course I did what any self respecting shoe addict does, I rationally convinced myself (They deserved to be out in the world on display for all to enjoy, not stuck behind a window in some store! I was freeing them from a horrible fate)  why I needed them and then every time I wore them I divided the price to see how much they cost per wear. I’ve worn them over thirty times which was (of course) way worth the initial price!

But whats the point of my MK story?? I could wear them over twenty times because they were the more comfortable of the heel family, but they are also a daily styleworthy piece, which means they can go with anything, anywhere. Grocery store with shorts and a tee, picnic with a summer dress, out to the bars with white pants and a silk top. I have worn them to the races as well, especially after I was out Friday night with no-support pumps. Naughty naughty!

However, with saying that, they aren’t MEANT for everywhere. If I had a formal dinner, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a wedge. The wedge dresses a nice/formal outfit down compared to a regular heel.  Hear me out–If you have a white fitted dress (which you should) paired with a brown cork style wedge, you look good. BUT if you have the same white dress with patent black pumps…you look fabulous! And that’s the aim of the game!

Many of the summer wedges either have the cork or the hemp (like my MK’s). Both of these dress a formal outfit down. They are great with shorts, or a summer dress but for the races, they don’t do anything for the style award.

As you will read in my book as well as other blogs, there are different types of race days. The graded stakes days are a higher quality of racing, and therefore have a higher quality of style. My rule for wedges is: if there is a graded stakes then no wedge. On those days, we want to see you in nice dresses or skirts and heels! Check out more details on race days in the upcoming book “The Racing Girls Guide to Dressing Like a Winner”

Kate Spade “Kimmy” Wedge


You can wear wedges to the races if:

-If it’s not a Graded Stake Day

-If your feet hurt  from the night before (no one likes a wobbler)

-On any day: if it’s between flipflops and wedges…always wedges

If you’re a wedge girl and I can’t talk you from your ways, explore your options. Look for more formal wedges. The other day I found a patent pair in TJ Maxx from BCBG that is a good in between. These Kate Spade “Kimmy” Wedge heels are classic and dressy yet reasonably laid back. Also look for the more abstract heels that are new on the shelves. Either way, we want you with some sort of heel at the races! Show off  those gorgeous legs sister!

Cheers, xoxo B

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