The Unpredictaheel

Do you remember those crazy high -a bit scary looking – heels that the oh so fabulous Lady Gaga would wear to the award shows? 

Those babies were designed by the talented and daring Kira Goodey. Kira is an Australian born shoe designer who started out in Costume and Fashion Design. Born in Perth, Kira moved to London to work as a graphic designer under Alexander McQueen (also an amazing shoe design visionary). She found her ‘shoe obsession’ when she began an internship with bespoke shoemakers Paul Thomas and Iliaz Iliazi. ‘No two pairs are ever the same,’ was one thing focus she took from her internship. 

Image: The Daily Telegraph

Goodey’s shoes are always wearable but she definitely does like to push the envelope a bit in each of her designs. Check out more here and follow her on instagram. 


It seems that the fashions in Australia during Spring Carnival always step their game up the next year and 2017 is no exception. The Australian Turf Club decided to team up with Kira Goodey and create the ‘Goddess’ of all racing shoes. 

Us girls know that it is always tough choosing the perfect shoe for the races. Do you go high? Or low? Block or wedge? Peeptoe or closed? What is comfortable? But what looks good? 

Kira and the ATC decided to answer all those questions and of course add some fancy fashion design as well as technology (because what is anything today without some tech factor?). Anything that you could imagine in a heel—you can not imagine what these are capable of. See the video below: 


Alot to take in right?? Well here is some explanation (click on image to expand): 

So first and foremost- you can ACTUALLY become Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz- you can tap your heels three time and GO HOME! It is the ‘Tap&Go’ feature of this shoe and opens an app on your phone for the driver service. A serious ‘STEP UP’ from the original Uber App…get it? Step up?? 

Kick&Pay would get me in a lot of trouble….at least with dollar bills I can see my money dwindling each time I lose a bet….with these babies all you need to do is kick up your heels and you can lose money! Or win…if you’re that good 🙂 

There is a race alert that will let you know you have 2 minutes to get to the rail, or place your bet, prior to the next jump off. 

You have ‘TrackSide’ add-ons that make sure you can walk ‘effortlessly’ across the turf and the platform will give you an extra inch or two to get above the crowd for a better view. 

So the one above doesn’t match your outfit? No worries! There are FOUR interchangeable panels that you can make sure your shoes tie into your racewear. 

One more…..the BETGUIDE feature. This directs you from anywhere within the racetrack to the betting window via left and right food vibrations.. Seriously. 


Thus far, we haven’t been able to reach anyone to see what the price is and if and when they are available for the public to purchase but for now…you’ll see them on racing fashion legend Kate Waterhouse when she wears that in Sydney at the TAB Everest Day. 




From the Daily Telegraph: Model and E! host, Ksenija Lukich is a big fan.

“The best thing about these shoes is that they’re quite wide at the ball and then the heel is so thick that I haven’t sunk into the grass and I don’t think I will,” Lukich said.


So….. would you wear these?? 

Read more here.

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