New to the Races?


Think of us as your big brother or sister showing you the ropes! The races are an amazing  event to enjoy by yourself, with friends, family or to create a great work event!

Unfortunately the image of Horse Racing has been skewed by the gambling side. Don’t get us wrong…making a bet or two is part of the day…but c’mon folks, don’t bet your house on a race!

Are you close to a race track? Races are happening through out America all through out the year. From upstate New York with Saratoga to beautiful Hollywood at DelMar, your choices are endless! You just need to figure out when their “season” is.

Each race track designates the time of year when the track opens up for business. Florida is popular in the winter months, Kentucky in the Spring and Fall, and California has great race meets that last most of the year due to their beautiful weather!

If you don’t know what track is near you, send us a message and we will provide you with all the information!

Don’t forget to wear your fashionable race attire! Besides, why should the horses get all the attention??


5 Quick Tips on Dressing for the Races



  1. Be comfortable-no one looks good in “someone else’s” clothes or shoes, your style and body are unique, make it work for you!

  2. Leave the night club dress at home. Think classic and feminine when putting together your race day outfit.

  3. Wear headwear! Fascinators are very fashionable and take any outfit from cute to STUNNING!

  4. Dress for the weather–if its hot– don’t risk “pitting out”! If it’s chilly? Wear stockings or a shawl/sweater.

  5. Lastly, SMILE! Too many times girls are too busy giving the b**** look to eachother–and its never flattering. Nothing catches a mans attention quicker than a pretty smile!


  1. Shine your shoes before you arrive. Girls do pay attention to this. (Obviously NO SNEAKERS)

  2. Tie your tie or bowtie correctly–need help? Check out this link:

  3. Make sure your suit fits. Its so easy to recognize when your suit isn’t fitted. Spend the extra money and you’ll look a million times better!

  4. Sunglasses…great for outside…UNNECCESARY INSIDE. Take them off or look like the tool—your choice!

  5. Smell good (PLEASE!) We are all attracted to good smells…don’t find yourself in the other category. There’s also plenty of little ‘travel’ sized deodorants sticks you can hide in your inside suit pockets.



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