How to Survive the Preakness Stakes

Preakness is always a hard one to prepare for, a fun one, but a hard one. The grandstand is not polite to your feet, the corporate village is the place to be, however you are in grasslands all day. So what is a girl to do?

Bri Mott in the Preakness Corporate Village

Bri Mott in the Preakness Corporate Village

Well my best advice is to keep an eye on the weather and prepare for the absolute worst. I have learned a lot of what not to do just so you don’t have to make my same mistakes!

 Here’s my top three tips on how to prepare:

1. Be Smart with your Shoe Choice! This is the raceday to wear wedges or a wide heel which are very on trend right now. If you are on the grandstand side, make sure you have extra padding on your soles. The concrete is the WORST and its on angles which puts heavy pressure on your feet. Grab Dr. Scholl’s inserts and if possible, pick a shoe with some padding or platform. If you are in the Corporate Village, a platform will keep your toes dry from the wet grass, and a wide heel will help keep you from aerating the lawn. If you wear a regular heel, grab a pair of SoleMates to help.

You know I’m a sucker for fancy footwear- here’s a few of my recent finds:

2. Protect thy skin. It looks like this year (finally!) we are going to have some pretty weather. The last couple years it was all about preparing for the rain and the cold (I had to switch to long sleeves last year- see my outfit below). This year it looks to be in the high 70’s low 80’s which means that sun will be blazing on your shoulders and back the entire day. Make sure you lather on the SPF! Seriously- I am one of those that risks it thinking that there’s no way for me to get lobstered by the end of the day yet every year it happens. 
For the face, rather than having your mother spray some on like your 12, buy a foundation or face lotion that has SPF included and put that on prior to your make up. I do this for all of my sunny racedays and then usually don’t have to worry about it again. 
You only get one face- show it some love ladies! 

3. Put your hair UP UP UP! I have not met a gal yet that can pull off a great down hairstyle high humidity. Put it up and spray away. You will thank me later. Or now is fine. 



The Longines Fashion Contest will take place rain or shine! The judges will take into account your preparation for the weather as well as your level of fashion. If you are in a tube-top dress shivering on stage- you might not look so comfortable and confident to the judges-nor will it be a pleasant experience!


This years Winning Watch: DolceVita Timepiece 18 carat rose gold detailing

Here is our fabulous winner from last year:

The Longines Prize of Elegance Contest will once again take place in the Corporate Village at the Preakness Stakes. The ‘Fashion at the Races’ team will be on the look out inviting fashionable ladies to participate and walk the stage in front of our celebrity judges who we are keeping secret until the morning! 

One fashionable lady will be chosen to sport (and take home!) the DolceVita timepiece featuring 18 carat rose gold detailing on the bracelet. 

Bri Mott will host the competition and it will run in her favorite heat format. 

Be sure to check out our Triple Crown Trends to make sure you are in line with the raceday. 

Any questions feel free to email:

Preakness Fashion at the Races

Preakness Fashion at the Races

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