July 2016

What Bri Mott Wore to Woodbine


Outfit Details: Sarah Lai Dress|Custom Forme Millinery | BCBG Heels|  Longines Watch 

Photos by LymanDVM Photography

I feel like I say this each time but this might be one of my favorite racing outfits to date!

I feel in love with Hong Kong designer Sarah Lai when I traveled across the pond for the Longines Hong Kong International Races. I was lucky enough to wear one of her gorgeous designs on raceday there and have been attached to her online shop ever since. She dresses the fashionable yet classic gal and that style is right up my alley. Do you remember the dress I wore in the HKIR?

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate
What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

I picked out this dress ages ago and knew it would be the perfect piece for Woodbine’s Queen’s Plate. The length of the skirt tied in with its ‘paneling’ for the perfect twirl made choosing my #QP16 outfit very easy! Plus, after contacting Sarah’s team and begging for some extra fabric, I knew I was able to tie in the perfect millinery.

When you see a racing fashionista in all of her glory and think ‘How does she do that?!’ … the answer is usually custom millinery. Planning the perfect raceday outfit is hard to do last minute; there are too many moving parts. Shoes. Hat. Jewelry. Dress. Purse. This isn’t just a “throw your LBD on, grab a bag and go!” Racing fashion is all about the details and to be precise in your details, you really need to put in the time and effort.

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

This was the first racing outfit that I was able to incorporate the exact fabric and pattern from my dress into my hat. Once I found out Sarah Lai’s fabulous team was able to accommodate my fabric request, I contact the talented Jenny Pfanenstiel from Formé Millinery to create a custom piece to tie into my dress.

I had the fabric sent to her and just let her do her thing!

“When Bri sent me the picture of her dress and I saw the panels and pleats in the skirt, I immediately thought of a pleating technique to compliment the dress. This would allow me to use fabric from the dress too in order to bring the whole look together.” Milliner Jenny PfanenstielFormé Millinery

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

I knew it was going to be a long hot day at the races and my hair doesn’t fair too well in humidity (frizz ball guilty) so I brought in the professional to give me a clean elegant up do and set my make up for the day. I showed Make up and Hair Artist Karima Sumar a photo of a hair style I wanted to try and she absolutely nailed it! I wore my first Cat-Eye ever and think this might be my new favorite make-up. If only I could keep my hands from shaking with eyeliner! PS- I actually had a black eye (left) from a tubing/boating incident on my birthday (whoops!)- Karima, the Goddess that she is, covered it up and made me look pretty again!

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

Accessories stayed simple with borrowed royal blue earrings, my elegant Longines timepiece to keep me on time, and a white clutch that held all my raceday necessities. I once again wore my white BCBG sandals that I knew would keep my toesies happy for the entire day. There are some shoes that you can always count on and never go out of style.

Photo by Will Wong

Photo by Will Wong

What Bri Mott Wore Woodbine

Queen’s Plate was an absolute blast. We had 150 ladies line up at the FATR table to sign up for their chance at $3000 prize and the red sash awarding them the Best Dressed on the day. My shoulders got a great tan while I was stationed at the table until heading to the stage to host the George Brown College Millinery Design Competition followed by the Fashion at the Races Contest. After it was all said and done, the FATR team grabbed some cocktails in the #RethinkattheRaces tent and played some croquet…seriously!

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

This raceday is one that I hold near and dear to my heart for a few reasons:

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate

  1. 3 years ago Duane (My Babe) and I traveled to Toronto on a whim just to check out the raceday because I heard such a buzz about the event and thought the FATR contest would be a great fit. It was our first trip to Canada together and we not only enjoyed the raceday but had so much fun in the city of Toronto sight seeing (still have pics on my phone!).
  2. That next year we held our first Fashion at the Races Contest at Woodbine and heard so many great things from the contestants.
  3. Now in only its second year, we had 150 sign ups in the female division, the most we have ever had at any of our contests as well as a prize pool worth over $4000.
  4. Woodbine just gets it. They have created an event around the races to bring in all generations and get a buzz going about it through social media.
  5. I honestly cannot wait for next year and I am already hastagging the #QP17 in my head. Get ready…only 360 more days to go…

If you  are thinking about heading to Toronto for the Queen’s Plate next year (always the first Sunday in July) …DO IT! You will not be sorry. Shoot me an email if you need any suggestions on where to stay, where to eat, what to do, what to wear and of course anything about the raceday itself! xxoo

#QP17 – Here we come!

Be sure to check out our gallery of all the fashion on the day!

What Bri Mott Wore at Queen's Plate


Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

Outfit Details: Warehouse Dress|Karen Morris Millinery | Jessica Simpson Heels|  Longines Watch 

Caris Photography

When I think of Saratoga I think of the white wooden railings and the carnival red and white striped tents. I knew I wanted to rock a bold color when I attended this years meet and at last minute I put this number together (with a lot of luck) and it turned out to be one of my favorites.

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

This bright red dress was a Kentucky Derby option for me just in case my white dress didn’t come in time. Originally purchased for $160, which in my book is a steal, the dress details makes it look much more expensive. Now on sale at one of my favorite shopping sites asos.com. I love the floral cut outs on this dress paired with the ’tiled’ overlay but the back is probably my favorite party. Simple triangular cut out but it gives the dress another detail that makes heads turn.

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

I wanted a unique fascinator that wouldn’t slow me down on the fun filled day and Karen Morris is just the milliner for the job. I actually had worn this piece a couple years back at the Kentucky Oaks with a light pink dress so it was very rewarding to be able to wear it again with a totally different outfit years later.

There is light pink in the hat that I paired with a light pink pair of Jessica Simpson heels that I purchased (and tested) for the Kentucky Oaks this year. I ran out of time (as I always seem to do) and couldn’t find the perfect purse but I grabbed my go to furry friend and it seemed to work out just fine.

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

I got asked by a friend who did my hair and make-up which makes me proud to say me! I grabbed one of those nifty hair donuts and put my hair in a high bun (two tries were needed and advice from a friend) and then added some color to my face with a pop of lip color to tie in the pinks and reds of the outfit.

Frosted at the Whitney Saratoga

Everyday at Saratoga is an amazing raceday but the Whitney provided my second jaw drop as I watched Frosted easily fight off his competition to win the main card on the day. This beautiful gray really flashes before the crowd as he crosses the finish line.

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

Bri Mott at Saratoga Fashion at the Races

Great photography by Jesse Caris as always!

Shop my outfit here:


 August 2016

What Bri Mott Wore

Outfit Details: BCBG Top |Nicole Miller Skirt|Banana Republic Necklace| Vintage Purse|  Longines Watch 

Caris Photography

It was a quick turn around this time from the red and white tents of Saratoga to the sleek metallic skyline of Chicago. I always like to incorporate metallic silver or gold, and this year was no exception.


You always have to have a starting point with your outfit, and mine was this vintage equestrian purse, that was gifted to me from Team Valor Internationals’ CEO Barry Irwin and his wife Kathleen. They found the purse while antique shopping in Oregon. We think it’s from the 1950s.


The purse has a gold strap and piping, which was the perfect metallic pop to inspire the rest of my outfit. The eyes on the horses were also little red crystals; with metal beads on the bridal giving it added detail. I knew I wanted to style my outfit using the metallic and the equestrian inspiration.

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races


I found my skirt while shopping in New York City at Nicole Miller SoHo. Tying in the brown from the horse’s coats from the purse, I picked out the deep brown peplum top from BCBG.


I rarely wear bold necklaces, but I was very excited to rock the gold necklace from Banana Republic! (40%) My two-tone Longines watch (which goes with anything, anyways) tying in to this outfit perfectly, and also kept me right on time for each race and the fashion contest.


Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

For my heels I had to pull from the archives of Bri’s closet. These leather gladiator sandals are probably ten years old, bought at a Nine West outlet store, from way back in the day. They don’t even have the lining on the bottom anymore, which I stick my go to Dr. Scholl’s inserts in. It might be another ten years before I throw these babies out.


Lastly, my headpiece isn’t much to brag about… or maybe it is. I ran out of time in between travels, and couldn’t organize a hat for the event. So a last minute late night trip to Michaels provided me with fake flowers and maybe a few other things that weren’t necessary for my new home. After a couple glasses of red wine and plenty of time of hot glue gun work, I had made myself a flower crown that would just have to do. You won’t be seeing this on the website for sale… its more of a give away.


Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Day was a success for 2016. Our judges at the Fashion at the Races contest picked the most deserving gent and lady for the best dress title. We met so many new friends in a short period of time, that makes coming back next year more exciting. Can’t say that my gambling was a success, although, I did win $17.50 on a $15 dollar bet, but you’ll have to disregard the other bet with no winnings. Ill stick to my day job.


Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

Arlington Million Fashion at the Races

We are already discussing improvements and expansion ideas for the contest next year. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us. If you have never attended we would love to host you a day at the races.


xoxo, Bri


Woodbine Racetrack’s Queen’s PlateBri Mott Queen's Plate Fashion at the Races

Venturing away from her usually slim fitting dresses, Bri Mott went for some fun and carefree separates. Even more out of her normal comfort zone was BLUE!

“I was gifted this gorgeous blue skirt from one of my girlfriends as a birthday present. I knew I wanted to where to to one of my racedays and the Queen’s Plate was a perfect place to show it off. The only other plan I had was my birthday shoes.”

gucci-pink-studd-shoes-pump-2014Her birthday shoes were a bright pink colored pair of Gucci pumps from a shopping splurge in New York City at the Belmont Stakes. Closed pointy toe with studs combined with a skinny T-strap up the center, the shoes stood out not only in the store, but on track as well.

As the Queen’s Plate is such a fashion forward raceday with more modern millinery than your traditional Kentucky Derby Hats, Bri approached Jenny Pfanenstiel at Forme Millinery for a unique headpiece. Jenny suggested her “glass blown” designs and after picking out the colors, the fun design was in the works. This fun fascinator incorporated the blues and pinks within her outfit and even had shiny studs throughout to tie in the studs on her pumps.

Last piece of the puzzle was a shirt. This light blue top with pink accents was found at H&M for $9.99. It’s great for everyday wear and of course to tie in the pink and royal blue of her shoes and skirt all the way to the modern millinery on top. Recycling the necklace from Preakness Bri accented the different blues with the teardrop necklace from Chloe + Isabel.

Bri Mott Queen's Plate Fashion at the RacesOne more accessory to set the outfit off was the Fashion at the Races Exclusive Pony Clutch in Pink! This (luckily) matched her shoe color perfectly and really tied everything together. Grab one for your next racing outfit! Only $45!

Arlington Million in Chicago

bri mott arlington million

I always like to try incorporating some metallic into my Million outfit. This year I wore a fantastic fascinator by Sophie Hunter that was an in between color to silver and gold. With a beading covering and detail to the front accented with an orange and blue feather. It stays on with an elastic band which is easy to hide. I kept my hair up (thank goodness because the temperatures were record highs for this particular day in Chicago) with a low bun (and 40 bobby pins). Ladies, this piece would be PERFECT for Breeders Cup. If you want a fur shawl to match- we can definitely make that happen.

bri mott arlington million 2

It was really hot…and this was after being in the sun for 4 long hours…

I kept going back and forth between the blue or orange feather and which one I wanted to match, so I decided to match both!

I found this dress on Shopbop.com and noticed that it would be a bit short on me. So I paired it with an orange pencil skirt from ASOS that only cost me $16. The heels may have been my best find as I actually planned on a completely different pair at Dillard’s only to find out they were out of my size. Of course I saved it until Wednesday before the race, and started to panic in the store, but my eyes quickly spotted a blue pair on the clearance rack which fit perfectly…and rang up for $29 bucks!! BAZINGA!

bri mott arlington million 4

bri mott arlington million 5

The Winner’s Circle is the most comfortable place to stand in heels 🙂 Thank you padded flooring!

Lastly I know I wanted a fun purse and found this furry baby on ASOS. Knowing that it wasn’t quite the perfect color to tie in, I searched the internet for a bright blue fur ball to attach…literally. Found one on trusty Etsy…and we had our Million Day outfit!

bri mott arlington million 3

I had so many compliments on my “dress” as people thought it was one piece. I had a blast wearing something so different and the response was wonderful as well. This is what Fashion at the Races is all about. Dress your best and put some effort into the outfit ladies– it will pay off!

Breeders Cup at Keeneland


The second day of the Breeders Cup, I went for more of a girlish (less Cruella Deville) softer look with different shades of deep red. I had chosen this gorgeous Karen Morris piece from our store and then selected the outfit pieces to match. I stayed with the risky choice of Rent The Runway and had the dress arrive on Friday (when I was actually at the races). The coat or cape/poncho came in with my original order and although it was more of a wine color than a red, it worked out well with the full outfit. I had a pair of shoes that I had purchased from eDropOff on Ebay that were an in between color of red and wine.

Longines Fashion at the Races at Breeders Cup Keeneland

Longines Fashion at the Races at Breeders Cup Keeneland

Today I wore some tights and it was amazing! No more goosebumps on the legs and it kept me much warmer than I would have imagined. DryArt did another fabulous job of hair and make up giving me a more natural look with warmer tones in my make up and soft curls. I ventured out and put fake eyelashes on (so fun!) which gave me more of a Dolce & Gabbana look.

I again wore the  Giles & Brother gold necklace that was rented and worn on Friday and also added a faux fur collar for extra warmth. The Tracy Reese Flutter and Fly dress was such a hit and it was both comfortable and fun!

Kate Upton and me - she goes "Think warm thoughts!" Loved her!

Kate Upton and me – she goes “Think warm thoughts!” Loved her!

I had a lot of people tell me how this outfit was “more me” than the one the day before. I loved both outfits and how they were so different! My feet needed some nursing after wearing heels both days and standing on the concrete all day but other tha n that- the weekend was a successful one with What Bri Mott Wore!

Winners Photos with all the Celeb judges...and me :)

Winners Photos with all the Celeb judges…and me 🙂


I chose to try a different route for this weekends races. Instead of purchasing two different outfits which would not only include a dress, a coat, shoes, etc…I chose to rent! I am the first to understand that buying an outfit for the races can get expensive. It is not just a dress that you need, its the whole ensemble including a hat! The hope is that you can usually use a bag that you already own and shoes but once you start to go all out- you really want to go ALL OUT!

While I was in Saratoga, I visited an antique fair just to kill some hours and maybe find some fun housewares. Instead- I walked away with a few vintage furs and a feathered pillbox (for $14!) . I knew this was a piece that I wanted to wear to the Breeders Cup here at Keeneland and therefore build an outfit around.

Longines Fashion at the Races

Standing with the Fashion Contest Winner with my cold red nose

As usual, all of a sudden we are just two weeks out from the event and I have yet to find an outfit. I began the usual search online checking out a few of my favorite sites but couldn’t find any standout pieces. The only one I found was a purple dress (I was trying to wear purple for one of the days) which was $500…and at this point I wasn’t in the mood for that price tag.

Then I gave Rent The Runway a chance and in a quick sit-down, picked out a jacket, dress, and Giles & Brother necklace that would go with the hat. The Milly jacket had ostrich feathers surrounding the bottom which was going to be PERFECT with my feathery pillbox. The dress was just a piece to wear underneath and had that ‘tea length’ that I am in love with and the necklace had ‘horseshoe’ looking ends with a little glitter.

All of these items were due to arrive the Thursday of Breeders Cup week…giving me no time to fix a possible disaster. Although there wasn’t a disaster, there were some problems with my initial order. Two sizes in the jacket were supposed to be delivered but after a late night email on Wednesday, only one (the larger) was on its way. RTR did send another style although it was no where near a substitute for my  original coat choice, it did give me something to wear to one of my dinners. The larger issue was that when the chosen coat did arrive, the feathers, that were the reason I picked the jacket out in the first place, were nowhere to be seen. How do feathers just disappear? We will never know.

Longines Fashion at the Races

Some guy walking by goes “You wouldn’t want to play footsie with her!”

In the end my outfit came together just fine. The Elizabeth and James black dress ended up being my favorite part of the rental- fit like a glove and was stand out by itself. I had so many compliments on the necklace so much that I wore it a second day on Saturday. For accessories,  I grabbed a pair of long leather gloves from the FATR store, strapped on my trustee Valentinos, and went daring with a purple lip from Marc Jacobs. If it wasn’t for the amazing hair and makeup job by DryArt Lex- I probably would have looked like Wednesday from the Addam’s Family. Instead I looked like Morticia- in her madeup and fashionable younger days. It was Halloween weekend after all…..


Here’s a few of my instagrammy’s:

What Bri Mott Wore…

Longines Hong Kong International Races

This is what the whole week led up to and I couldn’t wait to get dressed up and head to Sha Tin racecourse.

I spoiled myself with a phenomenal hair and make up job by Vicky Lai at the Makeup Parlor. She came to my hotel and did me up! It was one of the best H&M jobs I’ve ever had…she worked with such precision and detail. My eyebrows were like a masterpiece…seriously.

What Bri Mott Wore

For the main part of my raceday wear I worked with talented Hong Kong designer, Sarah Lai, and grabbed one of her most popular pieces.  The Lilian Dress had the A-line shape and midi length (my favorite!) that is perfect for the races. It is made with a heavier fabric which kept me warm when the night turned a bit chilly. My favorite part about it? The Twirl of course!

I sent a photo of the dress to milliner Karen Morris, a Hong Kong native now living in the US who then designed a piece to match. As always, her hats are so easy to wear and absolutely stunning. She designed two for the race and I chose the disc shape one to wear. Both are for sale here.

Bri Mott Fashion at the Races

I knew it was going to be a long long day on my feet so I decided to stick with my trusty Valentino’s. I of course added some Dr. Scholl’s inserts…any smart gal would.

Fiona Kutor Hong Kong

Lastly one of the coolest clutches I’ve ever worn was this Lady Luck bag designed by Fiona Kutor. It lights up when it senses
movement…yes this is like the light up sneakers you used to wear as a kid…but couture!!IMG_7956

Have to tell you a funny story though…I am standing there waiting for the fashion competition to start and all of a sudden Simon Baker is next to me (we met at the Kentucky Oaks a few years prior) and he goes…”is that working for you??” I of course thought he was talking about the lights….but no, he wants talking about the “Luck” in Lady Luck. And voila! I looked silly… 😉

Bri Mott & Simon Baker

It was a day to remember for the rest of my life. It is not often I get invited to a big international event…but to fly across the world and attend a week of racing festivities?! This was an amazing trip and well worth it! Be sure to put the Hong Kong International Races on your travel roster next year…hopefully see you there!!

…Hopefully you will do better than I do with the bets…I did win but not enough to brag about…or buy a glass of wine! 😉

Bri Mott Kutor at Hong Kong

Longines Gala

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

What a night! I felt like  Cinderella at a ball in a dress and skirt combo by Melissa Bui. Unfortunately the pictures do not do the gown justice as there was intricate beading throughout the skirt. I was actually wearing a black gown and then stepped into a sheer and beaded skirt that went over the dress.  Melissa Bui’s Fall Winter 2015 collection, ‘Iridescent Nights,’ is an all black collection inspired by the Hong Kong night skyline and the multifaceted ‘Sunshine Azura’ quartz.  Felt like a princess! Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

I kept my jewelry very simple with stud earrings and the Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. I brought the timeless pearl clutch to hold my phone, cards, and lip gloss. I snapped a few photos on the way in and with our group that attended that evening. Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

The event was absolutely amazing. They had a jazz band that I wanted to pack up in my suitcase and bring home with me. Graphics of horses running as if they were galloping through the stars surrounded you with gorgeous Longines Watches displayed everywhere. After a bit of mingling, the large doors opened up welcoming you to sit down at your table and enjoy a 5-course delicious meal. Entertainment took the main stage with Chinese female drummers being my favorite. The award for the Longines World’s Best Jockey followed which was given to England’s Frankie Dettori (who was in an amazing suit!). Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Although there wasn’t any dancing or carriage rides, this princess was able to go home and rest her feet before the big weekend of racing. Luckily, I did not turn into a pumpkin either!

Longines Gala Hong Kong What Bri Mott Wore

Happy Valley Races

This outfit was a bit of a last minute collaboration as I planned on wearing a dress and fascinator but instead the weather IMG_7567turned and all I wanted was a sweater and Uggs outfit…yes, I wear Uggs. Luckily I had been at the amazing Atelier of Melissa Bui, a designer in Hong Kong as I was being fitted for my Gala gown. I asked if she might have anything that I could borrow for the races that evening and she suggested a black coat which was dressy enough to act as a “dress” in a way.

I paired the coat with a pair of leggings from Jessica Simpson’s fashion empire, my Steve Madden lace up sandals, and a pearl clutch to dress it up a bit more.

I tried a new lip color from Chanel- giving the outfit a pop outside the safety of the black and white. I stayed warm, fashionable, and comfortable during the rainy race night.


I love the detail of the coat with an almost sheer pattern and the collar and belt cut to match the pattern on the fabric. It is a pleasant surprise when you turn to the back of the coat. To see this coat and others by the talented Melissa Bui, click here. Prices are in the Hong Kong dollar, divide by 7.75 to convert to US$.


Hong Kong: Jockey Mingle at Happy Valley Racecourse

Our first event on the agenda was the Longines Jockey Championships press conference at the inner city Happy Valley Racecourse. There the 12 Jockeys competing for the title were introduced along with the country they represent. Pictures, interviews, and of course a cocktail party was in order. Names that you may recognize include Victor Espinoza (American Pharoahs & California Chromes jockey), Ryan Moore (one of the top jockeys in England), and Hugh Bowman (New Zealand native but top rider in Australia).

Ryan Moore & Bri Mott

Ryan Moore & Bri Mott

After the jockey party, we were taken on a tour of the track and its facilities. Might sound boring but it was far from it. I have NEVER seen an establishment like Happy Valley Racecourse. Fifteen years ago the track found a plunge in their profit margin, less people attending races, and far less betting on them. They realized they had to do something and something big…the did almost $5 billion HK dollars of renovations…and the result is absolutely stunning. See for yourself. 

What Bri Mott Wore

Dress for the event tonight was listed as ‘smart casual.’ I wore an over-zealous peplum top by Sarah Lai and paired with black boyfriend fitting black bottoms. I actually did not have skinny black pants as I planned on so I placed a short sleeve black jumpsuit from Target underneath.  As I hardly own any flats that have a dressy flair, the Valentino’s made their mark here in Hong Kong. Of course as we got ready to take our tour, the guide asked how high my heels were as if to express his worry of my likeliness to keep up…obviously he doesn’t know me 😉

What Bri Mott Wore

One of my important accessories throughout this trip is my Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. Of course many have phones now to check the time and don’t rely on the wrist watch anymore but once you do have one, it becomes a wonderful crutch to lean on. We have such a busy schedule this week and having my Longines watch to keep my on schedule (yes I’ll still be a few minutes late I’m sure) is a lifesaver.

I love this little River Island clutch purchased from Asos.com. It is such a pale pink that it can be paired with so many different outfits whether you want it to act as a nude or a pink. In this case- it was a little bit of both!

The Sarah Lai top will give you a teaser of my outfit for Sunday at Sha Tin racecourse. For the Longines Hong Kong International Races, I will be sporting one of her most popular dresses and cannot wait. There will be a twirl or two on Instagram. Stay tuned! <3

Belmont Stakes 2015

The third and final jewel of the Triple Crown did not disappoint in the least! With American Pharoah blowing the rest of the field out of the water – he grabbed the Triple Crown trophy that hasn’t been touched for 27 years. Belmont Fashion at the Races 27 Bri Mott ByJohnny

Staying on trend, Bri Mott rocked the Black and White style with some edginess in her dress design, a unique hat made by the talented Marta Glazen, and of course fabulous accessories to set the look off.

Bri began planning her outfit around her dress that she sourced all the way from Australia from the modern yet elegant brand By Johnny. The dress had an easy design with a fun and unique print that gave it an edgy New York feel. She stuck with her trusty BCBGeneration heels that she wore at last years race. Recycle ladies!

Belmont Fashion at the Races 12

Bri Mott chats with the Zayat family prior to their big race (owners of American Pharoah)

For this race she reached out to Marta Glazen who designed her modern cap to tie into the lines and circles that the dress’s print shows off. The black and white hat tied in perfectly with some unique netting around the face. “Best Hat” might have been heard a few times in the crowd and she has Marta to thank for that!

As much as the dress and hat stole the show, her accessories helped push her outfit to the next level. Gorgeous earrings designed by one of the owners of American Pharoah, Ashley Zayat, complimented the outfit perfectly. Point Ashley’s Pearl Onyx Orbit Drops are Matte Silver (Original Rhodium) Plated over Brass Onyx Gemstone with sterling silver backs. Retailing for $200 right here, these earrings are a perfect addition to your next special occasion. Be sure to check out Point Ashley’s Triple Crown Collection- only available for a limited time ladies!Point Ashley Earrings

Her racing outfits are never complete without a Longines Timepiece to have her looking stylish as well as keep track of time and where she needs to be next. This piece is the same one Bri wore at Preakness with the face surrounded by diamonds on such a flat and minimalistic band. So chic and elegant for everyday wear.pony purse

The one thing everyone asked about?? Her purse! This pony purse will be for sale (shortly!) in the Fashion at the Races store! Retailing $45 each, we will offer black, pink, red, and metallic to help bring your next racing outfit to the next lever. The purse fit Bri’s two phones (don’t ask) plus cards, cash, and lip gloss. What more do you need?? Stay tuned for the product release coming later on this week.

All of Bri Mott’s hats will be for sale next month- and there is only one of each so be sure to purchase if you want it! xxoo

Preakness Stakes 2015

The Preakness Stakes is all about the party. Elegant Party that is! Bri Mott stayed on trend with a bold printed dress from ASOS.com. The dress had more of a conservative fit with her favorite midi length and mid-sleeved top. Recycling one of her favorite pairs of shoes, Bri wore her bold abstract wedge heels from BCBG to modernize the classic fitted dress.

Preakness Stakes Longines Fashion at the Races026

Just because we say go bold for your Preakness Stakes fashion doesn’t mean you need an outrageous hat! Bri’s subtle yet statement making white crown was made by Australian milliner Pamela at Locopa Designs. Gorgeous detail made a bold statement without taking away from the rest of her outfit.  To bring out the blues in the floral print, Bri grabbed one of her favorite necklaces from Chloe+Isabel. The teardrop stones added the perfect color to pull your eye toward the fun colors in the printed dress.
PageLines- PreaknessStakesLonginesFashionattheRaces016.JPG

What would Bri’s racing fashion be complete without her Longines Conquest Classic timepiece. Gorgeous Sunray Blue dial face surrounded by 12 Wesselton Diamonds as the hours, and 100 of these gorgeous diamonds on the case. This timepiece embodies the oldest aesthetic tradition of the brand known the world over for its winged hourglass logo. The ultra-slim profile of the specially designed case lends this collection a timeless beauty. Maintaining all the characteristics of the original creations, the models in this line grace the wrists of those who appreciate reliability.

Preakness Stakes Longines Fashion at the Races153


Preakness Stakes Longines Fashion at the Races059Lacey Johnson, last years Longines Most Elegant Woman contest winner wears her Conquest Classic timepiece with Bri Mott.

Kentucky Derby 2015

Keeping with the Southern Belle theme (minus the big brimmed hat of course) Bri Mott chose a floral fitted dress with an off the shoulder detail. This dress was actually found in the Bridesmaid’s section of one of her favorite sites Asos.com. Simple in that it had no additional accents except its busy print, the perfect addition was a hat to match.bri mott

You don’t have to go big to make a statement. Carol Kennelly’s chic designs had even the celebrities on the carpet starting a conversation about the hat.  This piece named Consolata can be purchased for $395 (handmade one of a kind). Floral printed base with gorgeous ostrich quills curled with matching feathers accented with one flower and two lifelike butterflies, this was the perfect piece to accent the dress. Her laced up heels (bought on mega sale at Macy’s) brought all the pastel colors together giving it that fashion forward look.13 Carol Kennelly 8216

As she does most the time, Bri Mott kept the accessories simple with just a bracelet and matching earrings from Chloe + Isabel. Click the links to purchase your own gorgeous outfit for your next time out.

Kentucky Oaks 2015

 Bri Mott again did her dress shopping at Asos.com looking for the perfect combination of racing fashion and PINK! She chose to use a pastel pink paired with a wide black belt detail that tied in a big bow in the back with wide strapped detail on top.

bir mott oaks

Going with her proven comfy black heels from BCBGeneration, the outfit was then topped off by a signature pieces by Karen Morris Millinery. A chic boater design made of sinamay with a black brim and pink base, accented with a star flower made out of feathers and two arrow feathers to give it a sharp finish.

bri mott hat


This year has been an epic one in the horse racing world. We finally, after at 37 year drought had a Triple Crown winner in American Pharoah. Of course the horses themselves take the cake but we still can’t help but put some of the spotlight on the well dressed ladies at all three races.

Fashion at the Races has been attending each of the three Triple Crown races for 3 years now. In that short amount of time, there has already been a drastic difference in the level of fashion worn on track. More ladies are adorning themselves in hats or fascinators, more women are attending the races in classic silhouettes, and more girls are choosing an elegant approach over the night-club look.

triple crown

We are very excited to see each and everyone of you put so much effort into each of your racing outfits and show it off at the Longines Most Elegant Woman contests. It is getting so much harder to pick only one winner of their gorgeous Conquest Classic Timepiece- but that is a great thing.

As you all know, each race has its own style trend. The Derby is the Southern and most feminine out of all three jewels. The Preakness Stakes then completely contradicts that lady-like style with a party girl type vibe. We wrap up the series with the New York black and white inspired fashion at the Belmont Stakes.

See What Bri Mott Wore for all three styles up close.

bri mott

The ladies did not disappoint this year with some fabulous fashion and hats to match. We had full fields (like that horse lingo?) of ladies lining up for their chance to strut on the fashion stage to compete for the Longines title.

If you haven’t already, check out our full galleries of all the fashion and horse racing fun. Our photographer Joe Lyman from LymanDVM Photography caught some amazing shots on and off the track.

Belmont Fashion at the Races Longines Most Elegant Woman Contest contestants

Royalty, Top Hats and Top Horses… All eyes are on Royal Ascot this week!

This week is one of the most anticipated racing festivals throughout the world. Royal Ascot has caught the attention of not only horse racing fans, but fashion fanatics, and world travelers alike.royal ascot

In 1711, Queen Anne went for a ride on her horse near Windsor Castle and came upon a wide open area and in her own words thought “it looked ideal for horses to gallop a full stretch.” This spot, called East Cote at the time is where Queen Anne saw the potential for a racecourse, Ascot Racecourse.

Few racecourses match the rich heritage and history of Ascot Racecourse. Saratoga, which is America’s oldest active race track opened its doors in 1983, a good decade and a half after that of Ascot.

royal enclosure

Royal Enclosure crowd 1907

What Queen Anne wants, Queen Anne gets. Later that year, the first race meet at Ascot was held. The inaugural event was named Her Majesty’s Plate which offered 100 Guineas to the winner and open to any horse mare or gelding over six years of age. The starting field each carried 12 stone and were all English Hunters, very different from today’s speedy Thoroughbreds.

The first permanent structure built on the course was completed in 1794 by a local Windsor builder. The building held 1,650 people and was used for almost fifty years. In 1813, the courses importance reached Parliament who passed the Act of Enclosure which ensured that the racetrack would be kept and used as such for the public in the future.  Queen Anne’s involvement in the track’s beginnings is also preserved with the tradition of opening Royal Ascot with the Queen Anne Stakes.

The actual origin of the Royal Meeting is unclear; however historians think that the event evolved from the first four day meeting that took place in 1768. The race meeting as it is known today only really began when The Gold Cup was introduced in 1807. The Gold Cup remains the feature race on the third day of the Royal Ascot meet  which is also the busiest day of the meet and known as “Ladies Day.”

Queen horses

Although the track was started by a Queen and located on Royal soil (six miles from Windsor Castle), the track itself is managed by a representative appointed by the Monarch. The Queen herself stays very involved in both the track and the horse racing world. As an owner and breeder of thoroughbreds, the Queen’s horses have stayed competitive at the Royal Meet. You are able to identify her horses by her racing colors: purple body with gold braid, scarlet sleeves, and black velvet cap with gold fringe. These are the same silks of King Edward VII. During Royal Ascot, each day the Royal Family arrives via horse drawn carriage with the Royal procession taking place prior to the first race and the raising of the Queen’s Royal Standard (flag). During the meet the Queen presents the Gold Cup and The Diamond Jubilee Stakes.Royal_carriages_leave_after_carrying_The_Queen_to_the_races_-_geograph.org.uk_-_852016

At the Present meet, nine of all of Great Britain’s 32 Grade 1 Stakes races are run.  There are three different enclosures for the guests to attend with the Royal Enclosure being the most prestigious of the three which is where the Royal Family resides.  Access to the Royal Enclosure is restricted with high security. First time applicants must apply to the Royal Enclosure Office and gain membership from someone who has had attended within the last four years. Dress code in this area is strictly enforced, down to the size of your hat base which is required by both gentlemen and ladies.

Over 300,000 people attend Royal Ascot each year making it Europe’s best-attended race meeting. If the quality of horses and races haven’t caught the publics eyes, the fashion sure will. More press covers the fashion during the meet than the races themselves. From the good, the bad, and the just plain ridiculous both men and women dress to the nines for a fabulous day at the races. Whichever your interest, Royal Ascot is an event worth putting on the bucket list.  Chip Chip  Cheerio- Off to the races we go!