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Fashion police For the second year in a row, the organizers of Royal Ascot will be enforcing their stricter dress code not only with a great online video listing their rules but they will also have their ownfashion police 2 version of Fashion Police on track to give out their corrections and possibly enforce the rules if someone decided to push the boundaries a little too far. Of course these Fashion Police have to follow the rules themselves and look stylish at the same time. So rather than hope that these blue collar ladies show up in correct attire, the track has arranged designer get-ups for each and everyone of them just for this special job!   “The silver shift dresses and matching jackets  are designed by high-end High Street brand Hobbs and they adhere to the rule banning  strapless or spaghetti straps, and that ladies hems must be of ‘modest  length’.” The jacket is finished with a slim bow belt  and these racing outfits will be finished off with a various beautiful millinery pieces that will set the tone for a fabulous day of fashion at the prestigious race day. Courtesy of To promote the policing for the second year, a photo shoot was had in the streets headed by model Amber Le Bon.

The full fashion rules for Royal Ascot are below:




  • Formal daywear
  • A hat, headpiece or fascinator should be  worn at all timesroyal ascot 3
  • Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops  are not permitted
  • Trousers must be full length and worn with a  top that adheres to guidelines above
  • Jackets and pashminas may be worn but  dresses and tops underneath should still comply with the Grandstand Admission  dress code
  • Midriffs must be covered
  • Shorts are not permitted


  • A suit with a shirt and  tie.


  • Girls (17 or under) should be dressed for a  formal occasion
  • Smart summer dresses are  suggested
  • Hats, headpieces or a fascinator may be worn  but are not compulsory
  • Boys aged (13-17) should wear a suit or  jacket with a shirt and a tie
  • Younger boys (12 or under) should be dressed  smartly but are not required to wear a jacket or tie


  • Fancy dress, novelty and branded/promotional  clothing is not allowed on site
  • Ascot recognises that there may be instances  where a degree of discretion is  required in determining compliance with our  dress code. In such  instances, reasonable discretion will be  exercised



  • Formal daywear
  • Dresses and skirts should be of modest  length defined as falling just above the knee or longer
  • Dresses and tops should have straps of one  inch or greater
  • Jackets and pashminas may be  worn
  • Dresses and tops underneath should still  comply with the Royal Enclosure dress code
  • Trouser suits are welcome. They should be  full length and of matching material and colour
  • Hats should be worn
  • A headpiece which has a base of 4 inches  (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable
  • Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck and  spaghetti straps are not permitted
  • Midriffs must be covered
  • Fascinators are no longer  permitted


  • Black or grey morning dress, which must  include:royal ascot 4
  • A waistcoat and tie (no cravats)
  • A black or grey top hat
  • A gentleman may remove his hat within a  restaurant, a private box, a private club or that facility’s terrace, balcony or  garden
  • Hats may also be removed within any enclosed  external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden
  • The customisation of top hats (with, for  example, coloured ribbons or bands) is not permitted in the Royal  Enclosure
  • Black shoes

GIRLS (aged  10-16)

  • Formal, smart summer dresses are  suggested
  • Hats, headpieces and fascinators may be worn  but are not compulsory

BOYS (aged  10-16)

  • In accordance with the gentlemen’s dress  code
  • Or a dark-coloured lounge suit with a shirt  and tie (no hat required)


  • Overseas visitors are welcome to wear the  formal National Dress of their country or Service Dress


  • Serving military personnel are welcome to  wear Service Dress or equivalent

Copyright: Ascot

All in all the fashion on the Downs lived up to the ‘Sport of Kings’ and Queens.

With Royal Ascot only two weeks away one can only imagine what that will bring. But rest assured, it is likely to bring an electric mix of well-dressed Ladies an Gentlemen keen to be successful in both the betting and the style stakes.

white party2



This Saturday, June 15th, Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY has teamed up with Stella Artois and Finlandia Vodka for a special Downs After Dark Party! Realizing that high fashion is fantastic thing to encourage for the races, they have created this fantastic night of racing into a WHITE PARTY! “This “Downs After Dark” event marks the return for our third annual “White Party!” We are encouraging all of our guests to ‘dress to impress’ in their best summer whites!”   white     White parties are a fantastic way to get people together for a few reasons: 1. Encourages effort in your guests dress (which is always a plus) 2. You have an easy theme that looks good in any venue 3. People are less likely to get sloppy…because they are wearing white! (well most) 4. There’s just something classy about it!   white party 3Although some may think that white is boring and therefore all white is just a snooze…they couldn’t be so wrong! Its actually not so easy to put an all white outfit together. Its not just a white dress and then your finished, you want to show that the effort is really there! First of all, millinery is always important. Incorporating a white piece with your already white racing outfit will have heads turning all down the halls. Since you are in a bit of a time crunch and may not be able to find a great white millinery piece,  feel free to get creative with it! Find a fantastic headband and add some white feathers, or a bow etc. Don’t show up to this classy night without something on that head of yours! Add accessories to take your outfit to the next level: white lace or leather gloves, white jewelry, white shoes etc. This is not a normal raceday  so feel free to take risks with your outfits! This does not mean short skirts and nightclub wear! But Maxi dresses, sheer, lace etc! white party 5 In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Always dress like you will see your worst enemy,” and if that person is looking fantastic in white…so should you! For more information visit the  Churchill Downs Website. white party

Belmont Stakes Fashion

The Triple Crown has finished up and what a racing festival it was. Each leg with a different winner, its own unique atmosphere both on and off the track, and of course each showed its fashion strength in its own trends. Belmont Stakes FashionIt’s hard to say which leg was our favorite, so we won’t! But when it comes to the fashion component, it’s easy to say that we had a soft spot  for the Black and White trend at the Belmont Stakes…and so did many who attended! Whether it was monochrome style, white with black lace detail, or just the LBD (Little Black Dress), the black and white style stood out and looked fabulous on all the stylish women.PageLines- IMG_6498.jpg We did see some great millinery in both hats and fascinators. Chatting with the fashionista’s, the millinery came from all over the world, the UK, Australia, and right in the heart of New York City. We applaud the ladies who put the time and effort in both their outfit and their headwear! A great millinery piece really makes your racing outfit stand out which many of the racing ladies exemplified. The raceday itself brought a great crowd in (thankfully) sunny weather. Temperatures in the high 70’s brought a great sense of relief to the track after the monsoon in NYC the day before and  allowed Ladies and Gents to comfortably dress without having to worry about cold or rainy weather. It seems as though the floppy hats, and maxi dresses are starting to lose their popularity for racing fashion. Ladies are beginning to really step up their fashion game and raise the bar on their outfits at the races. A-line dresses, pencil skirts, and vintage pieces were popular choices on the day. The nightclub dresses were still spotted every once in a while but gratefully seem to be less frequent.Belmont Stakes Fashion Both the paddock and the grandstand were full of happy racing fans with refreshing beverages in one hand and betting tickets in the other. Gorgeous greenery surrounded the grandstand with vines crawling up the brick sides, trees and flowers surrounding the paddock, and lots of places to view the races and horses entering the track. One of the things people forget to give credit to Belmont for is the number of seats it provides. As a lady who loves her 5 inch heels, these additional benches give a gal a place to rest her feet and the ability to carry on her fabulous fashion. Besides the beautiful surroundings at Belmont, the functionality of the track allows it to become one of our favorites to attend. Belmont Stakes FashionIn saying this, it was nice to see girls still in their heels on their return to the Belmont Train. No barefoot bonanza’s and no overindulged painful walks were seen. The class at this track was top notch which was a refreshing sight. Longines did a wonderful job showcasing the well dressed ladies on the track by taking their photos and putting them up on the ‘Jumbo-Tron’ for all to see. Although we understand more than ever that the horse races wouldn’t be an event without the equine athlete and the handicapping that takes place, the fashionable ladies and gents that attend should be recognized as well! Bravo to NYRA and Longines! Belmont was a fantastic day of horse racing, socializing, and fashion…the three things that make up a great day at the track! Can’t wait for next year…364 days to get your Black and White outfit ready!

We teamed up with Rebecca Johnson from and asked for her take on the Epsom Derby fashion!! See her lovely outfit and all the others she captured here!

The Epsom Derby is renowned for combining history, with elegance and glamour. With an atmosphere like no other meet in the year, this years Fashion stakes definitely did not disappoint.

Furlong Fashion
Epsom Derby 2013

I like many other women who attended, spent the week busy preparing for the day.   I personally believe that well kept finger nails are as important as a good hair cut. So on Tuesday I visited Klasse Spa to have my nails done. I opted for a nude nail polish which would match any outfit (Nude nails are currently the hottest trend at the moment, the closer the colour is to your foundation the better).       On Wednesday I collected my hat from Jennifer at Adorn hats. Three weeks prior I had visited Jennifer with my dress and she had kindly agreed to make a hat to match. Upon collection I only had a vague idea of what it would look like. When I saw it for the first time I was overwhelmed at how beautiful it was and I couldn’t wait to wear it to the Derby (Visit my previous post on how the hat was made)   We had to set off from Retford at 7am which meant there was no time to visit  a hairdresser. So at 5am I started the process of making myself look as well groomed as possible starting with my hair. I chose to curl my hair and pin it to the side to complement the style of my hat.

Furlong Fashion
Epsom Derby Hair

I chose to wear a Black and White Hybrid bodycon dress with a lace skirt from ASOS which was detailed with a gold zip all the way down the back, A hat from Adorn Hats which was made especially to match the dress with a beautiful lace trim. Black Christian Louboutin Pointed Stilletos, Black Chanel Classic Bag and Wolford Tights.

Furlong Fashion
In the Parade Ring at Epsom Derby 2013

As we approached the course we drove past hoards of beautifully turned out race-goers who had opted to walk to the course in flat shoes / flip flops whilst carrying there heels.   Furlong Fashion   It’s no secret that my favourite part of the Derby is the Fashion on show. While the horses in the 2013 Epsom Derby ran a close race with Ruler of the World coming home first giving Trainer Aiden O’Brien his 4th Epsom Derby win, My eyes were firmly on the Royals in attendance. Notably Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip chose colour co-ordinating outfits. The Queen wore powder blue Coat with navy accessories and a Powder Blue hat by Angela Kelly, whilst Prince Philip wore a Blue tie to complement the Queens outfit choice.

Furlong Fashion
Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip attend Epsom Derby 2013

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were also in attendance with Princess Beatrice accessorising her monochrome graphic print dress with a cloche style hat made by Karen Henriksen whilst Princess Eugenie opted for a more neutral full skirted dress accompanied with a taupe hat by Sarah Cant and nude heels (not dissimilar to the LK Bennet shoes favoured by Princess Catherine).

Furlong Fashion
Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice attend Epsom Derby 2013

Unfortunately the weather on Saturday was a little disappointing. So most of my time was spent in the owner and trainers area, which definitely was not short of sartorial splendour.   As soon as I entered the owners and trainers I spotted Trish Callan, (wife of top jockey Neil Callan) who was dressed immaculately.

Furlong Fashion
Trish’s Hat was from The Hat Club London

Trish’s hair was tied neatly in a bun just shown in the above pictures.

Furlong Fashion
Trish was wearing – Coat made in Hong Kong, Dress – Vintage Karen Millen, Shoes – Christian Louboutin.

Trish was accompanied by her son Henry who looked ever the young fashionista perfectly acessorised with a blue pocket square and amazing loafers with horse bit embellishment (very Gucci). Trish’s niece was dressed in a lovely white dress and lemon cardigan.

Furlong Fashion
Trish Callan and Her Son Henry and Niece

Other race-goers spotted in the owners and Trainers were –   Furlong Fashion

Furlong Fashion
Racehorse Trainer Laura Mongan and friend.

And this beautiful young Lady Macana wearing a floral dress from River Island   Furlong Fashion     As has become expected many celebrities also flocked to the downs. The majority of whomes heads were adorned by the official Hat designer Philip Treacys. Some of which are shown below.

Furlong Fashion
Philip Treacy Creations at The Epsom Derby 2013

Personally my favourite celebrity was Les Miserables star Samantha Barks who wore a Blue, black and White Body-con Dress designed by Antonio Beradi which can be purchased from Harrods (there is a 30% sale on this weekend for loyalty card members) With co-ordinating Philip Treacy hat and accessories.

Furlong Fashion
Actress Samantha Barks at The Epsom Derby 2013

I thought I would save the mens fashion until last………

As is the case with the majority of formal dressing for men it is the attention to detail that sets them apart from the crowd. Men lack the choice that women have when attending the races. Morning suits were not compulsory throughout the whole of the course only in the queens stand.
I do think that it is nice to see men engage in a tradition and it makes the whole atmosphere a little more special. Because of this I will be concentrating on the morning dress on show at the Epsom Derby.
The most popular variation of morning dress was the black tailcoat with plain grey or patterned trousers usually in a subtle check, stripe or hounds-tooth. The next most popular choice seemed to be the grey tailcoat with matching trousers. Both looked great it was just a matter of taste.The fit of the tailcoat and trousers is obviously the basis of a lovely outfit.
Furlong Fashion
Mr Andrew Cope and Racehorse Trainer Scott Dixon
Next we have the Top Hat, a fantastic piece of our history that is often done very poorly. Top Hats although still produced are not made with the same methods or material and the finished article is not a patch on the original.

Furlong Fashion

Vintage silk Top Hats are still readily available and there are many people that specialise on the internet. Silk Top Hats can vary significantly in price and is is usually the larger and rarer ones that can be worth many thousands of pounds, but in my eyes they are worth every penny.
Then there was the shirt/tie/pocket square combination. There are limitless options available to a man when picking these three and it is really where the gentlemen made themselves stand out from the next. I personally like to see a white collar with morning dress whether that be a plain white shirt or just white collar and cuffs on a coloured or patterned body. The key to success seemed to be a well fitted waist coat, and as there are no stipulation in the dress code these can come in all different shape, size and colours, some of which are featured below.
Furlong Fashion
Waist Coats
Lapel flower’s were also seen although this is a much more common sight at Royal Ascot. It adds another nice touch of colour and it should compliment the colours in your outfit.
I was disappointed that in the owners and trainers there were quite a few people that had not really made an effort. Although these were out numbered by some very dapper gentlemen that had taken the dress code into consideration and were wearing there morning suits to perfection.

Furlong Fashion


Royal Ascot As Royal Ascot approaches for another year, let’s turn our attention to the magnificent side that exists off the track, the FASHION STAKES!! We asked two of our fantastic milliners that we are partnered with to set aside a few minutes and answer a few questions to help you all decide what you might want to wear during the world famous week. Lisa Tan and Matthew Eluwande are two of our favorite milliners, both currently residing in the UK, their designs have been seen on ladies at racetracks all over the world.   Marilyn Lisa Tan MillineryWhat colors will we see trending this year at Royal Ascot? Lisa Tan: I think black and white will be dominant this year, as it’s what we’ve seen coming through garment-wise for spring/summer 2013. There will also be pops of bright citrus colors, like tangerine and lemon, and pure white is also a great choice for summer. Matthew Eluwande: The color that will be treading at the royal Ascot this year will ranges from Dusk blue, lilac to Emerald green, poppy red, olive green not to forget good old ivory.   Is it a year for big exotic designs or are ladies leaning to towards more structured pieces? Lisa Tan: For some reason, almost all of my clients want bigger, brighter and bolder pieces this year. When they come in and see my hats, they instantly gravitate towards the larger styles, then say, “Do you have anything bigger?” – and I don’t! Usually clients will start by trying on the smaller pieces and build up to a large hat, but it’s been the opposite this year. I think we’re going to see a lot of stand-out styles at Royal Ascot. Matthew Eluwande: I think it’s going to be a combination of both.   Comfort Vs Design? What’s really more important?Poppy Kentucky Derby Hat Millinery Lisa Tan: I always try to encompass both in my designs, and I like to road-test my hats to make sure they sit and stay well on the head for a decent period of time. But there is nothing more off-putting than seeing a woman constantly fiddle and adjust a beautiful hat. If it’s not sitting well and you’re not feeling confident in it, then you should definitely opt for another style Matthew Eluwande: Design is more important, every lady want to show off the creativity of their design.   Should ladies build an outfit around the hat? Or vice versa? Lisa Tan: The chicken or the egg theory… from personal experience, I find it’s much easier to find an outfit you really love, and then choose a hat. Particularly if you intend on seeing a milliner – you can usually visit a milliner and have something bespoke made on a smaller budget than having an outfit made to suit a hat (or the time and effort spent finding one!). And if you find a hat style you really love, most milliners will be able to modify it to suit your outfit, but it’s a lot harder to modify an outfit to suit a hat. Matthew Eluwande: I  think it all depends on what you decide to get first, But for me I will pre fare that you get the outfit first and now plan your accessories around it Head wear inclusive.   What are your most important factors when considering your outfit/headwear on raceday? bluepillbox2Lisa Tan: The most important factor is staying power: can you last in your outfit/hat all day? If you make sure everything you’re wearing fits well, you’ll be more likely to go the distance without a wardrobe malfunction. Weather is also an important factor to consider – it’s always advisable to plan an outfit with a jacket included, and if there’s a chance of rain you should always take an umbrella as millinery fabrics will buckle when they get wet. Every racecourse has a cloakroom, so if you find you don’t need your jacket and umbrella, just cloak them. Matthew Eluwande: Weather is one of the most important factor.   What’s your personal favorite thing about a day out the famed Royal Ascot meet? Lisa Tan: The fact that the Queen attends every day of Royal Ascot, making her way into the course and down the straight in a carriage is pretty special. And the singalong to classic songs played by a brass band at the end of the raceday is also something that can’t be missed. Matthew Eluwande: My personal Favorite thing about a day out at the royal Ascot is to see ladies and men with beautiful outfit with amazing colors.   What’s your guilty pleasure when you’re at the track?Mariah Kentucky Derby Hat Millinery Lisa Tan: I probably spend too much time looking at the fashion, and not enough time looking at the form. But for every few women who get racewear right, there is always one who gets it spectacularly wrong, and these are the outfits that pique my interest the most. Matthew Eluwande: Hats hats and lots of hats!   Where do you think is the best place to see all the absolutely stunning outfits and millinery? Lisa Tan: At the entrance to the racecourse near the parade ring, that’s where all the photographers gather and every woman who wants to be seen will enter via that gate. Matthew Eluwande: From the grand stand.   Do you have any secret tips to give based on your own trips to Royal Ascot? Laubergine1 (540x720) (540x720)isa Tan: I always arrive and leave Royal Ascot in flats. I pop them in a bag and leave them in the cloakroom. The Royal Procession into the racecourse starts around 2pm each day so if you want to see it, it’s worth taking a position around the parade ring well before then. Matthew Eluwande: Check the weather forecast before you go.   If you could sit in a box for the day with anyone in the world, who would it be? Lisa Tan: The Queen, but mainly because I’d like to sit in the Royal Box! It’d be fascinating to know what goes on in there. Matthew Eluwande: The Queen!   Are you in favor of the strict new fashion dress code or do you think it is a little too strict?Olivia Kentucky Derby Hat Millinery (800x690) Lisa Tan: I’m in favor of it – especially the rules regarding the size of hats and banning fascinators. However, I do tend to struggle with the hemline rule, and I think as long as you are elegant and well-dressed, it shouldn’t matter if your hemline is an inch or two above your knees. Matthew Eluwande: In favor, I think the rules will bring back the good old days of the Royal Ascot.   See all of Lisa’s hats (pictured on left) HERE.   See all of Matthew’s hats (pictured on right) HERE.   With Royal Ascot less than a month away ladies should be focusing on the big day and what they are going to wear. There is a strict dress code for this festival and the creators of it have put together a fantastic short film to give guidance to attendees..  Take a look here:

Belmont timeline pic   It’s so sad to think that we are almost finished with 2013’s Triple Crown. Heading into the third and final leg, The Belmont Stakes, we must come to terms that we aren’t going to have that Triple Crown Winner this year. (*Sigh*) However, there’s always next year!! So keep your fabulous chins up!! Even when your choice horse doesn’t win, there’s always fabulous racing fashion to turn the day upside down. Why should the horses get all the attention? 😉625x393 If you remember the Triple Crown Trends from articles ago, Belmont is the Black and White monochrome scheme. You’ve done the Southern Belle Derby, you’ve rocked the fun Belmontpatterned and colored Preakness Stakes, now bring out the classic side in you and rock that little white or black dress or bring both together to give you a strong stand out look. Definition of Monochrome: A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color. The Belmont Stakes is a short train ride away from the heart of downtown Manhattan in the infamous New York City. The first race took place in 1866 at a racetrack in the Bronx until it was moved to the newly built Belmont Park in 1905. The race has continued on until present with a minor hiccup in 1911, and 1912, when New York passed an anti-gambling legislation. CRAZY!! People have dressed up for the Belmont Stakes for years. Millinery has always been a staple for this fantastic raceday and the fashionable ladies have really kicked it up a notch in the last few years. Less floppy hats are seen at this raceday compared to any of the other Triple Crown, there are still the big brimmed pieces worn, but fascinators and hatinators make many appearances at this wonderful raceday and this is the last of the Triple Crown races to show off your millinery! New Yorkers are sometimes stereotyped as always wearing black, having coffee in hand 24/7, always in a hurry, and constantly dialed into their technology. Well lets pull a little New York into our outfits for this raceday and pull that LBD (little black dress) out of the closet…of course it needs to be two inches above the knee or below…not that little of a black dress!Belmont Chanel Or go out and buy a new one! Don’t feel like you need to only wear a white dress or only a black dress. Feel free to mix and match the two. Black and white prints are great whether you wear a whole printed dress, or a bold monochrome printed skirt with a white peplum top.     Just because we are going black and white doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be boring! If you want to add a pop of color…go for it! Black and white with a bright pink shoe…Bazinga! White dress with a lipstick red bag…Bazinga! Express yourself through your millinery, a fantastic fascinator or hat will make any monochrome outfit stick out in an already ‘stand-out’ crowd. A sinamay piece would be a great way to provide  a little bit of shade without making your head sweat. Feel free to get a bit risky with your millinery for this raceday…think how risky New York Fashion Week gets and yet how unforgettably epic it is! Fiona Mangan Millinery has some fantastic pieces that push the limits of the racing fashion at the Belmont Stakes…in a good way! Leather and spikes? The Black Eyed Susan winning filly ‘FiftyShadesofHay’ would be proud! See some of her pieces below and visit here for more:

Preakness Fashion: Bold as Triple Crown Trends Predicted!

Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day   What a fantastic weekend at Pimlico Race Course! Friday started it all off with the Black Eyed Susan People’s Pink Party, bringing us strong females and fabulous fashion together for a great cause. Saturday of course had us moving on to the ‘all to well’ known Preakness Stakes, which may still have a slightly tainted image with its old infield traditions, but that has definitely changed and has moved in a positive direction with its corporate village, and fashion savvy fans! Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day Many of the fabulous ladies listened and mimicked the Triple Crown Trend of bold patterns, colors, and prints on this fun filled day. Even with the rain, which seemed to mimic the Kentucky Derby weather a bit, fabulous ladies and gents still smiled and looked their best on the great race day. A full race card of 13 races had Black Eyed Susans flowing, crab cakes a plenty, and bets being passed through the windows faster than Usain Bolt. Although the grandstand seemed a bit empty on Black Eyed Susan Day, the track wasn’t without a crowd. The crowd just found the better spot of inside the infield in the specialty People’s Pink Party Tent. The Grey Goose Lounge in the center with white leather couches, blue logo pillows, and fabulous vodka cocktails was surrounded by pink clothed tables with themed pink cupcakes and cookies for the Breast Cancer Survivor inspired day. The fashion showcased the Black Eyed Susan inspired colors of black and yellow always with an accent of pink. From hats to fascinators, the racegoers stepped up their fashion (which was SO nice to see) and enjoyed the nice sunny day close to the rail during the races, and inside the nicely shaded tent in between. IMG_6240Lots of colors and prints showed up for the second leg of the Triple Crown. There was noticeably more hats around the track Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Daycompared to last year, floppy still seeming to dominate (yuck!… but at least there’s a hat!).  Well known Christine Moore pitched her tent within the amazing corporate village which woke up the millinery interest in many a racing fan and had them trying on the big hats for fun! Next year we hope to see more constructed pieces that exemplify the couture art that they truly are. Most of the fashion on the day was seen across the track in the corporate village but the grandstand did not disappoint! Although the Preakness may not be known for its high fashion, racegoers stepped up their game this year and there was an increase in hats, fascinators, and overall a better effort put into individuals outfits! Sun dresses were the frequent pick for race wear, which went from strapless early on in the day, to rain gear and ponchos as the weather quickly went downhill as the races ran on. Preakness and Black Eyed Susan DayLots of prints, colors, and mixes of the two were seen. The Longines Most Elegant Lady competition seemed to play it on the safer side shying away from the ‘funner’ side of fashion, but nonetheless the wonderful and beautiful Holly Huff was chosen as the Most Elegant Lady which was very much deserved. To be Elegant is not just about the fashion but also about the confidence and poise and she most certainly exceeded in both categories. Oh and she is just a wonderful person to boot! Congrats to Holly! (Full interview and details coming soon). Preakness and Black Eyed Susan Day As we all recoup and regroup after the fun filled weekend, we must begin planning our Black and White outfit for the third and last leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes right outside of the most amazing city in the world, (risky statement, right?) New York City! Bummer there will be no Triple Crown Star this year, but nonetheless there is a race to be run…and fabulous fashion to be worn! Besides, why should the horses get all the attention??


Kentucky Derby Fashion

Kentucky Derby FashionKentucky Derby weekend is finished but the thoughts of Mint Juleps, Lillies, and great (and horrible) millinery still fill the mind. It was great to see the transition from the lazy print summer dresses and flip-flops to the more high fashion and well put together dress or skirts with stylish heels. Even the Longines Most Elegant Lady Competition had a definite step up from last year. The winner was well deserved in a high fashion outfit that may have cost a small fortune but did pay off in the end!Real Housewives Larsa Of course there were still the big brimmed pieces but it seemed as though ladies were starting to move toward the smaller, more constructed and artistic millinery this year. Even speaking to a few fashionable fillies, they said this was the first year they lost the big brimmed and will never go back! Although we love celebrities at the Kentucky Derby, much of their fashion was a bit disappointing compared to what we ask of all of you. So if we  haven’t said this before, thank you for being a stylish race fashionista and representing Fashion at the Races in such a positive light! We did have a few favourites with the obvious one being Coco Rocha in a suited stylish skirt and blazer and a great hat with purple floral detail. We couldn’t get her to comment on what she was wearing but as soon as we find out we will let you know! Coco Rocha at Kentucky DerbyScotty Pippen’s wife, ex-real-housewife of Miami Larsa showed up in a laid back BCBG dress in a lableless hat, the beautiful country goddess Miranda Lambert appeared in a strapless dress with a beautiful constructed sinamay piece (again no comment for designers), and the always stylish (NOT) Kid Rock showed up in his always white T-shirt and red hat combination. At least he wore a hat? Hopefully next year they will step it up and realize there are artistic pieces for headwear  …which they can purchase on our website from talented milliners all over the world! The masses flocked to Churchill downs adorned in hats, heels, and great dresses. How quickly that changed as the rain didn’t want to let up for Kentucky Derby Fashioneven a minute. Looking out into the stands that weren’t undercover, you’d think it was just a Wednesday in the middle of May. Gumboots and ponchos were the only ‘style’ you saw walking out by the paddock. Although once you stepped inside, the ladies enjoyed their Derby outfits, even if it wasn’t by the twin spires. Bright colours, patterns, A-lines, and vintage inspired style flooded the Downs. Although the big hat was all over we were happy to see many a fascinator and hatinator on the heads of beautiful ladies. Many ladies left the Little Black Dress at home (as we hoped) and came to the Derby with those feminine prints and bright patterned fabrics that brings the rainy day into a sunnier light.Ashley Moreno It was fantastic to see hats from the Fashion at the Races website adorning stylish ladies throughout the track. This one on the gorgeous Ashley Moreno was a stand-out piece designed by FATR milliner, Karen Morris. She also wore a Karen Morris design on Oaks Day! See more photos here: Stay tuned for more on this big weekends fashion!



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What Bri Mott Wore
We have another Triple Crown Winner!! Better show off my Kentucky Derby Outfit... <3